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5 ways your smart home may help you relax and unwind 5 methods your home can assist you uncouple and recharge

5 ways your smart home may help you relax and unwind 5 methods your home can assist you uncouple and recharge

Working from home, managing schoolwork, and cooking rather than going out have all shown the smart home can assist us in getting things done.

The pressure to be productive at home can feel overwhelming, but the same devices that help you make the most of your work day can help draw a clear line between work and play.

Here are five ways your smart home may assist you unwind and disconnect.

Wyze Bulb Adjust the lights: Wyz Bulk

Smart home lighting is an ever-growing category, with artistic and colorful panel options from Nanoleaf, bacteria-kiling bulbs from Lifx, and many more.

However, not many other bulbs will provide you with as much functionality for your money as the Wyze Bulb. It's easy to use and comes with a lot of handy features, but it'll cost just $8. It's not color-changing, but you can dim it and adjust the color temperature, making it ideal for a warm, cozy evening glow.

The Wyze Bulb works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa without a hub. While almost any combination of smart speakers and smart lights can help you control your home's atmosphere, ensure that it'll work with your smart speaker before you buy.

Wyze is a place to see animals.

HomePod Mini is a smart speaker that acts as if it were merely plugged in.

Ah, the sounds of soft ocean surf. Smart speakers are great for setting timers, hearing the weather forecast, learning fun facts, but they can also be used as a relaxing sound machine.

The $100 HomePod Mini is the simplest-sounding smart speaker in our opinion, and Apple has an Ambient Sounds collection that includes rain, forest, ocean, white noise, night, fireplace, or stream sounds. Siri, play forest sounds, you'll hear it.

Read our Apple HomePod Mini review.

Best Buy: $100 for $100 at Best buy.

Amazon Echo (4th generation)

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Alexa is ready to assist if you're interested in trying out new calming methods but aren't sure where to begin. Guided Meditation is built in to Amazon Echoes, so you can ask "Alexa, open Guideed meditation" to start. Those meditations change each day, so you won't be stuck doing the same routine day after day.

The 4th-generation Echo costs $100 and boasts a huge volume to fill your room. It also includes a smart home hub built in for pairing with your choice of dozens of smart lights for the ultimate Zen experience. Our Amazon expert David Priest called the new Echo "one of the most forward-looking smart speakers released in years."

$100 at Amazon for $100.

Schedule your screens: Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

Chris Monroe/CNET/ Chris Moore/Christopher Monroe

Relaxing isn't always an evening activity. Getting your morning routine started safely may set the tone for a great day. Most smart displays (and a whole category of interesting alarm clock lights) provide sunrise alarms with soft lighting to help you wake up slowly.

The Nest Hub offers what Google calls "Sunrise Alarm." This option gradually increases the brightness of your screen for 30 minutes before your preferred alarm time. You can also change alarms for different days as well as change tone of alarm. The Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is $99 (but is available for less) and doesn't have a camera, so you won'' be hesitant to use it as settee.

Target offers $100 for $100 at Target.

Smell the scents of an Asakuki Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser:

Asakuki Asakura Asakaki

I said it. Smart essential oil diffusers are a thing. With this Asakuki model, you may turn on the diffuser via Alexa or Google Assistant. In the TuyaSmart app, you'll find a slew of color, light intensity, mist intensity and schedule options.

Asakuki has been named on our list of Best essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy by Wes. With a 700-milliliter water reservoir and odometer run time of up to 15 hours on 0C, you'll be able to enjoy soothing scents throughout the day and beyond.

$34 at for 34 cents.

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First published on January 28, 2021 at 8 a.m. EST.

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