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James Harden Explains That The Nets Have A Job To Do In The Wake Of Kyrie Irvings Abwesenheit

James Harden Explains That The Nets Have A Job To Do In The Wake Of Kyrie Irvings Abwesenheit

Kyrie Irving, a former All-Star guard, will not play or practice with the Brooklyn Nets until he is eligible to be. Irvings eligibility to be a part of the COVID-19 vaccine, which he has long fought against at this point and will continue to do, even amid Tuesday rumor. At the moment, Irving is allowed to participate fully, according to New York City protocols, but to receive it requires undergoing the vaccination COVID-19, something eloquently opposed to this stage and would do so for the rest of his life, despite Tuesday's announcement. Until that sentiment changes, if it does, the Nets will continue without him as they seek a title.

James Harden addressed the media on Wednesday and said he and the team "respect" Irvings conviction in his beliefs, but said his own goal remains a championship and that il hasnt spoken with Irving since Tuesday.

Kai is a beautiful person. But, as for us, we've got a job to do. And personally, Im still looking to establish myself for a championship, Harden told James Herbert. I feel like the entire organization is on the same path and were a collective unit. Well keep pushing forward and were going to try to do our best every single day to improve and keep going as a collective unit.

Harden stated that we had discussions as a collective unit about Brooklyns decision to exclude Irving from joining the team as part-time member, but that he did not have attribution in the final decision.

I cant express my opinion enough, and were going to continue to move forward, he added. Kyrie is a lovely lady and we'd love to have her here. I think for us, we just have to focus on the players in this locker room thats here, that's doing the work every single day. Thats all we have to worry about. Thats all we can focus on.

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