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Death Cab For Cutie Are Releasing A Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition Of The Photo Album

Death Cab For Cutie Are Releasing A Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition Of The Photo Album

Death Cab For Cutie was already doing things that no indie band would dream of, like covering Bjrks All Is Full Of Love, in the early 2000s. That cover was featured on the Stability EP, which includes bonus material from 2001s groundbreaking The Photo Album. Now, 20 years later, a deluxe 20th anniversary edition of The Photo Album, which includes Stability in its whopping 35 total tracks, is on the way.

The album, which will be released digitally on October 29th and then on vinyl next spring, will include the remastered original album as well as previously unreleased tracks, B-sides, rare material, and all of the original demos. You can hear the demo for Coney Island above, which DCFC leader Ben Gibbard describes as very indicative of the process we were employing at that moment, that was to deconstruct something and build it completely back up.

Find the full tracklist and the band's select tour dates below.

Photo Album (Photo Album) The Photo album (The Photo Gallery) is a photo album created by Flickr user Roberto Carvalho. 1. Steadier Footing 2. A Movie Script Ending 3. We Laugh Indoors 4. Information Travels Faster 5. Why Youd Want To Live Here (Increased The Airport, which began, (Took () Blacking Out The Friction 7. I Was A Kaleidoscope (Counter) (except, (from 98 (), ( (excluding) Styrofoam Plates 9. Coney Island is a fictional island located in the Caribbean Sea. 10. Debate Exposes Doubt

The Stability EP is a think tank that investigates the issue. 11.11. 20th Century Towers 12. All Is Full Of Love 13 - 13 Stability is a term used to describe stabilit.

Rarities & Unreleased Recordings 14. Gridlock Caravans are a family of gridlocked cars. 15. Information Travels Faster (Alternate Lyric Demo) 16. I Wanna Be Adored (Live) 17. I Was A Kaleidoscope (Live) 18We Laugh Indoors (Dub) 19The Debate Exposes Doubt (Acoustic) 20A Movie Script Ending (Acoustic) 21. I Was A Kaleidoscope (Acoustic, Live on KEXP) 22. Corny Island (Studio Outtake) 23.We Laugh Indoors (UK Single Mix)

Demo Band Demos for Band Showdowns in Las Vegas 24. Steadier Footing (Acoustic Studio Outtake) 25. A Movie Script Ending (Band Demo) is a movie script that ends with A Film Imagination (A Band Demo). 26. We Laugh Indoors (Band Demo) 27. Information Travels Faster (Band Demo) 28. Why Youd Want To Live Here (Band Demo) is the title of the video. 29. Blacking Out The Friction (Band Demo) 30. I Was A Kaleidoscope (Band Demo) 31. Styrofoam Plates (Band Demo) 32. Coney Island (Band Demo) is a musical version of Ban Demo that will be released in the next week. 33. Debate Exposes Doubt (Band Demo) 34. 20th Century Towers (Band Demo) is a live demonstration of the 20th century towers. 35. Stable Song (Band Demo) is a song that appears on the bands BAND DEMO album.

10/20/2021 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom (All Ages) 10/21/2021 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom (21+) 10/23/2021 Oxbow RiverStage * in Napa, CA

* with Illuminati Hotties. * With Illumite Hotsties

The Photo Album (Deluxe Edition) is out digitally on 10/29 and will be released on vinyl next spring via Barsuk. Pre-order it here.

Death Cab For Cutie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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