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David Gordon Green On Halloween Kills And What Well See In Halloween Ends

David Gordon Green On Halloween Kills And What Well See In Halloween Ends

David Gordon Green seems to be having a good time with these new Halloween films. How else can it be explained why hed put all three Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III: Season of the Witch in his new Michael Myers saga, Halloween Kills? (Its funny, because I couldnt see the mask manufacturer s name in the film, and Green seemed to be offended when I assumed it wasn't Silver Shamrock.) Which hints me that Green has a lot more to offer for this story-line in the future. If you dont know the plot of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, theres no way I could even begin to explain it here without using at least 10,000 words.)

In Halloween Kills, we pick up where Greens 2018 Halloween left off. Michael Myers is still alive. (Its beginning to feel like Michael will never learn.) However, before we get into whats common from the original movies, what isnt, and why certain Green intended to use aren't allowed. (Most of these have to do with different studios' own films.) And I make a case to Green that both Halloween II and Halloween III should be considered canon again.

Also, Green tells us about the next and final Halloween film in his trilogy, Halloween Ends, and how it will incorporate real world events into its plot.

You know that DiCaprio/Rick Dalton meme? When the Halloween III: Season of the Witch masks are revealed, I did that as well.

Right on. A couple Easter eggs in there for you.

I just talked with John Carpenter and he had no idea what I was talking about. But people still enjoy that movie a lot now. Have you noticed this?

I have. I think its aged well. I mean, I think thats the beauty of this franchise in its entirety. People will come to me and ask, Well, why didn't you include the story of Halloween II? Or thats a great ending in Halloween IV? And so, theres also such a lot of discussion about the franchise as unified. I love the debate on it. Season of the Witch is one that I feel personally is an underappreciated installment, but its a little detour. But I like what they did with it. And maybe one day someone will dust that off and re-create it.

So youre telling me Dr. Dan Challis is coming to the next one.

Hes going to show up. [Laughs] I mean, but there are so many ways you could approach it. It is a difficult job in the writing of it, because there are certain things youre drawn to do. However, a lot of these films have different rights holder. There are also a lot of things you may and maynt do legally. And so you have your creative toolbox, come up with all the ideas, and then you've got to present it to the legal department. Can I bring this character back? Who owns it? Is this a subplot that we could include or not? It was certainly a creative move to exclude most of the franchise's narrative, but it significantly reduced the legality of it. I always get the no-no whenever Ive tried to access some of the moments that I like from the rest.

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