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Fun and money: Western High plays powder puff football for charity

Fun and money: Western High plays powder puff football for charity

Western high schools Key Club hosted a powder puff football game Tuesday night to raise money for St. Jude ChildrenS Research Hospital.

Katie Sullivan, Key Club adviser and former student councillor, said: The students are the ones running the whole thing. Theyre working the gate, they are working concessions. Were managing them, but its entirely student-run.

Each team had 45 players, with juniors playing against seniors. Coaches were appointed for Westerns varsity football players.

The junior team had five practices before the big game, and the players' confidence before kickoff was apparent.

Nicole Shellberg, a junior co-captain, said, "Were going to eliminate the seniors."

Lets just say we didnt need those practices, because therea no one on that team to worry about, said senior co-captain Hillary Griffin.

Alex Tingley, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, was cheering in smocked tutus and Western cheer top on the sidelines.

Shes paying me $40 to do this, Tingley said, referring to his sister Payton, who is a cheerleader on Western varsity team.

The junior team was the first to score early in the game and followed it up with a successful extra-point kick through the goal post. The senior team responded with a touchdown of its own and smashed 'two-point conversion' to take the lead.

By halftime, the seniors were leading 22-15.

Senior Rosie Tucker ran the ball in for a touchdown with less than ten seconds left on the clock, ensuring the seniors victory.

Western students wrapped up the event in accordance with Panther tradition - a shaving cream war to commemorate the successful fundraiser.

These photos from the game, sidelines, and stands are available in the gallery above, or click here for a direct link to the Gallery.

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