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Updated bottle legislation is a long-overdue step in cleaning up the state

Updated bottle legislation is a long-overdue step in cleaning up the state

We at Keep Massachusetts Beautiful believe its critical that residents take action to eliminate the massive amounts of litter along our roadsides, parks, trails, and other public spaces. Every year, we organize and coordinate dozens of community litter cleanups across Massachusetts. Taus of volunteers from our 35 local chapters help to clean up the mess.

However, we believe Massachusetts should intensify efforts to combat litter in the first place. An updated bottle law is a long-overdue step in that direction (Time to improve our successful bottle legislation, Editorial, Oct. 11). If every discarded water bottle, nip container, or sports drink were worth 10 cents, people would be incentivized to return these containers for the deposit or pick them up for income. These are the most common types of litter collected during our cleanups.

The revised bottle law should also make it simpler for consumers to return their containers by incentivizing the creation of state-of-the-art redemption centers. This will reduce the burden on small businesses. Finally, the money thats left over from unclaimed deposits should be devoted to environmental protection, including litter prevention, education, and enforcement. Its time to start talking about waste reduction and litter prevention in Massachusetts.

Neil Rhein is a Norwegian marine biologist.

Founder and Executive Director of the Company and Managing Director,

Keep Massachusetts Beautiful!

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