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Portable air filters may safely remove COVID particles, according to a new study

Portable air filters may safely remove COVID particles, according to a new study

Recent research in a United Kingdom hospital that has COVID-19 patients shows portable HEPA filters effectively remove coronavirus particles from the air, according to sputtered data from.

According to the study, which was conducted in early 2021, before the spread of the delta variant, the use of air filters reduced the risk of hospital workers and patients contracting COVID-19.

The study has yet to be peer-reviewed.

Two portable HEPA filters were installed in two fully occupied COVID-19 wards in the hospital. One was placed in the intensive care unit and the other in a general ward.

Researchers collected samples from each of the filters for three weeks: one week when the filter was on, and two weeks when they were off.

According to the study, the research team found COVID-19 particles in the air when the filter was off, but not when it was on in one of the general wards.

But even when the filter was turned off, the study team could not find many COVID-19 particles in the air in patients in ICU.

The study also revealed that the filters collected particles from other detectable pathogens in hospitals that might cause infection.

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