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New bride doesn't trust husbands' promises to pay his part of their new mortgage payment

New bride doesn't trust husbands' promises to pay his part of their new mortgage payment

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been building a house for the last few years. We signed a contract after returning from our honeymoon.

I make a quarter of what he makes (in the nonprofit sector), and I have lived well in the hopes of having my own home one day.

My husband owns his own home, so hes transferring the equity from the sale of that home to the purchase of our new home.

I have cash assets, and we agreed that I would contribute 25 percent of the cost of my new home to the table. Furthermore, he wants me to pay him back his portion of our new house ($130,000) until his house sells.

I would normally do this without blinking an eye, but my husband revealed a little bit about his character that left me with trepidation.

His father gave us a Christmas check as he wanted. Each of us was to receive $100, according to the instructions on the card. My husband never gave me the portion that was given to me. I had the courage to ask him about it, but he brushed it off. This may seem like a small thing, but its implications are far larger.

Amy, what if I loan him $130,000 and he doesnt pay me back?

This is a major portion of my retirement savings.

I feel like a jerk requesting him to sign, but I understand that I cant afford this money without having him sign one first.

Am I justified in requesting him to sign this document? Hes making strides to get the loan.

A realtor has advised us that he should seek for four to five days seller possession after close so that we may stay in his house until ours is ready and bring his cash from the sale to the closing of the new house.

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Dear Bride: Your husbands decision to withhold that $100 has long-term consequences.

You should consider getting a legal post-nup agreement, which will outline the specifics of this home transaction, as well as clarifying other financial matters.

In my opinion, you shouldnt loan him such a large sum, but you should follow your realtors advice and invest his cash from the sale into the new home.

If you decide to front his portion of the new house money as well as contribute your own, you will have ownership of your new home until he pays his part and can add his name to the deed.

This money represents all of your retirement nest egg; if you are going to shove it all into this house, you should have a clear paper trail.

If you and your spouse are building a house, in addition to the costs you will both be responsible for, you should consider how to handle the (almost inevitable) cost overruns.

Dear Amy, As I have been contemplating my future throughout the epidemic, I've come to realize that I want to marry and have children.

Unfortunately, dating Apps aren't working for me.

What else can I do?

Would it be OK to look at every passing stranger in hopes of meeting someone I could spend the rest of my life with at the end of the epidemic?

Would Love Some Love To Have Some Kind Of Love

During my almost 20 years of adult singlehood, I often wondered if I would meet that special someone only s he hit with my car.

Yes, I'll allow you to glance at every passing stranger (very discretely, please!) in the hopes of identifying a match.

Nevertheless, you will discover that wishing will not make it possible.

You should switch your focus from marrying to matching. Online matching may be a great way to get out there and practice. You will undoubtedly meet people who are also stepping back into the world rusty, perhaps, but willing.

You may even work with a dating coach to enhance your matching profile so you can showcase your very best side and guide you through the process.

Dear Amy: No, you were so off-base in your response to Embarrassed Gran,[CQ] whose 17-year-old grandson slept with his baby blanket and stuffed toy while he was visiting.

That is a very unusual thing to do, and that guy is going to be relentlessly bullied if he goes to college.

Upset Upsetting Up is a setback for Upshot Uptime.

Dear Upset: One reader (whose parents were concerned about her desire to send her lovey to college) quoted her grandmother, who said, Shes smart enough to conceal it and confident enough not to hide it. Shell figure it out.

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