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Fans of Hungary clash with police outside Wembley in a fight with officials

Fans of Hungary clash with police outside Wembley in a fight with officials

Dozens of Hungary fans fought with baton-wielding police inside Wembley Stadium at the start of their nation's World Cup qualifying match against England on Tuesday in scenes that evoked the worst days of football hooliganism.

Around 600 Hungary fans were confined to a small corner of the stadium, many dressed in the black t-shirts of ultras who follow the country.

The Metropolitan Police said they had taken action after a steward was racially abused.

"Police arrived on the scene shortly after the start of tonight's match at Wembley to arrest a spectator for racially aggravated public order offence following remarks made towards stewards," the police said on Twitter.

"As the police made their arrest, minor disturbances broke out among other spectators." The order was quickly restored and there have been no further incidents at this time."

Hungary fans had booed as the England players took the knee before kickoff, the visitors staying on their feet and pointing to the respect badge on the shirts.

As the match began, fights broke out between the fans and a group of stewards.

When a line of police arrived, they were blazing baton blows on fans, many of whom climbed over netting and were punching, kicking, and beating the security personnel.

One fan fell to the ground with blood streaming from a head wound, while several police officers were also knocked down as the fans attacked them.

Fans retreated to their seats, with a group of helmeted riot police coming in force. The police then moved out of sight down he tunnel and fans returned to seats.

The incident comes after there was widespread trouble at Wembley in the Euro 2020 final, when hundreds of fans charged barriers to enter.

It also follows Hungary being fined and banned from having fans in their ground as a punishment for racist abuse and missile-throwing in Budapest when the teams met in September.

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