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Most Of The Protesters Left The "Autonomous Zone" Of Seattle

Most Of The Protesters Left The "Autonomous Zone" Of Seattle

Protests in the "Autonomous zone" proclaimed in one of the Central districts of the city of Seattle (Washington) have ended, according to CNN with reference to the statement of the "Committee of solidarity" with the protesters in the area and their leaders.

As the Committee noted, the protest action is over. Several people remained in the "Autonomous zone," the demonstrators' leaders said.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the abolition of the "Autonomous zone" and the return of police to the station on its territory. The decision was made after the police, after receiving a report of a shooting, tried to enter the territory controlled by the protesters, but encountered resistance. One of the victims died of his injuries, and the second was taken to the hospital.

Demonstrators in Seattle have previously announced that they consider one of the city's Central districts to be an "Autonomous zone." The protesters set up dozens of tents and barriers on the roads. The local authorities decided to reduce the tension to withdraw the police from the police station, which is located in the area, the demonstrators occupied the building. Some of the protesters demanded that the city's police be disbanded and that the rights of black people be stopped.

Donald Trump has repeatedly called participants in the riots in Seattle anarchists and terrorists. He also criticized Seattle mayor and Washington state Governor Jay Inslee for inaction. On June 11, in an interview with Fox News, the head of the White House said that it is possible to restore order in Seattle only with the involvement of the US National guard.

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