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The Fire Occurred At The Mirny Station In Antarctica

The Fire Occurred At The Mirny Station In Antarctica

The fire occurred at the Mirny station in Antarctica as a result of which several laboratories burned down, according to the announcement published by the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) on its website.

"There was an instantaneous fire at the Mirny Antarctic station. There were no casualties. Among the losses there is the method room, the office of aerology, the laboratory of the FIAN program for the stratospheric sounding of cosmic rays, the server, hydrometeorological laboratory, and the radio room," the report says.

The fire occurred late in the evening on June 21. Due to a hurricane-force wind speed of 20-25 m/s, the fire spread to the cabin company, but it was extinguished. People were taken out through the fire exit.

"11 people who lived in the building were provided with clothing and settled in other buildings of the station. There are a total of 23 employees at Mirny station. There is no threat to their life or health. At the moment, communication with the station is established. Work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the fire, and a Commission has been established to investigate the causes of the fire. Measures are being taken to resume weather observations," the report says.

About the station

Mirny is the first Soviet station in Antarctica. It was opened on February 13, 1956. The station is located on the Eastern coast of the mainland. The nearest Antarctic station is Davis (Australia), which is about 678 km away.

Today, there are about 90 stations in Antarctica, including about 50 year-round ones. Russia has five permanent scientific stations in Antarctica and several seasonal ones. From December to February (in summer), there are about 4.5 thousand scientists and maintenance personnel at Antarctic stations, from June to August (in winter) – about 1.1 thousand. The Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE) of AANIA is continuously working on the southernmost continent.

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