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The Saudi Coalition Announced The Interception Of A Missile Launched By The Houthis In Riyadh

The Saudi Coalition Announced The Interception Of A Missile Launched By The Houthis In Riyadh

The Saudi-led coalition reported intercepting a ballistic missile launched towards Riyadh on Tuesday. According to the official representative of the coalition, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, the attack was carried out by supporters of the Yemeni rebel movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis).

"The combined forces of the coalition successfully intercepted and destroyed this morning a ballistic missile launched by Houthi terrorists from Sanaa towards Riyadh in a hostile planned operation aimed at civilians and civilian objects," al-Maliki was quoted as saying by the Saudi Press Agency.

The coalition spokesman also clarified that during the previous Houthi attack on Saudi territory, which took place on Monday night, the rebels launched eight drones and three missiles. According to al-Maliki, all the objects were shot down by the coalition air defense forces.

On Monday evening, Sky News Arabia reported that the coalition claimed to have intercepted several drones launched in the Saudi Kingdom. According to the coalition, the drones were loaded with explosives and aimed at Saudi civilian targets.

In Yemen, since August 2014, the confrontation between government forces and the Houthis has continued. It entered its most active phase with the invasion of the country in March 2015 by the Saudi-led coalition. At that time, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates supported the operation called "Storm of determination" against the rebels who had established control over a large part of Yemen. They were joined by Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sudan.

Previously, the Houthis have repeatedly fired missiles and attacked coalition forces using drones in Yemen and its coastal sea zone, as well as on Saudi territory.

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