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Peskov Agreed With Part Of The Assessments Given By Bolton To Putin

Peskov Agreed With Part Of The Assessments Given By Bolton To Putin

The assessments that John Bolton gave to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his memoirs cannot be taken as a whole, because some of them can be agreed with, and some of them can not. Dmitry Peskov declared his opinion to journalists on Monday by the press Secretary of the President of Russia.

"As for his [Bolton's] assessments of our President, there are different assessments, some can be agreed while the rest not, so we need to look at individual messages," the Kremlin representative said. In his opinion, "it is impossible to give any General assessment." He also declined to say whether Bolton's perception of Putin is positive or negative.

Peskov also did not talk about the content of Bolton's upcoming memoir, "the Room where it happened: memoirs of the White House" in the part concerning US domestic policy. "We would not like to comment on his assessment of the domestic political situation in the United States itself - this is not our business. And the characteristics that Bolton gave to the head of state, whose adviser he was for a year - this is not our business, we will not do it," the Kremlin representative explained.

"As far as we can understand from the available materials about this book, Bolton largely provides information related to his official activities, related to negotiations, with various meetings at the highest level," Peskov said. He stressed: "of course, some of this information can hardly be made public, at least in our country it belongs to the category "for official use." "We have this practice, but, apparently, in the United States, another practice, again, this is not our business," said the press Secretary of the President.

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