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Bolton Said That The Procedure For Impeaching Trump Was Biased

Bolton Said That The Procedure For Impeaching Trump Was Biased

A former assistant to the US President for national security John Bolton said that the impeachment procedure against US leader Donald Trump was carried out in a short time and was biased by representatives of the Democratic party. He made the statement in an interview with ABC television, which was broadcast on Sunday evening, to coincide with the publication of his memoir (The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir).

According to Bolton, the investigation in the framework of the impeachment procedure of Trump was conducted carelessly and involved too narrow a range of issues. "I believe that this approach is almost comparable to that of Trump himself," Bolton said. He stressed that the investigation by the Special Committee on Intelligence of the US House of Representatives was conducted in a short time, so as not to disrupt the process of nominating the Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in November 2020.

Bolton noted that the impeachment procedure should have been conducted "more seriously and impartially." "They were in a hurry," Bolton pointed out. They wanted to deal with it long before it would start the process of nomination of a candidate." First primaries (primary elections) The democratic party was held on February 3 in Iowa.

A major scandal over allegations that Trump exerted pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky during a phone conversation in July 2019 to encourage Kyiv to help the head of the Washington administration to be re-elected for a second term in 2020 began in September 2019. According to political opponents of the American leader, the Republican Trump allegedly tried to convince Zelensky to start an investigation into the activities of the son of his political opponent, Joseph Biden hunter, in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv. That was the reason for the start of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. The Senate, in which Republicans have a majority, acquitted the President of both charges on February 5.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination for the upcoming November 3 US presidential election. He has already received enough votes from delegates to the party's National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 17-20 to be nominated as an official candidate in the first round of voting.

Bolton's Resignation

The former assistant to the US President for national security insists that he resigned before Donald Trump officially announced it on Twitter.

The former assistant to the head of state was asked to recall exactly the events on the day of his resignation in September 2019. "As usual, I came to [work] The West wing [of the White House] around six in the morning, completed a few necessary tasks. I have prepared a letter of resignation," Bolton listed. According to him, he handed the petition to his assistant and went home to "be out of reach" when the news spread through official channels.

"We planned to make an official statement in a few hours, but the President, clearly stunned by what was happening, beat us to Twitter. We posted a tweet about the true circumstances of the resignation, and at that point, my Twitter account was blocked," Bolton continued.

According to him, he had a one-on-one conversation with Trump the day before and declared his readiness to resign if the US President so wishes. The white house host suggested that we return to this topic the next morning. According to an ex-aide, Trump left for the event on a plane and made it clear during the flight that Bolton would need him in his post for some more time. From Bolton's point of view, this case showed the tendency of the head of state never to allow himself to be overshadowed or relegated to the background.

Afghan issue

According to the former assistant to the US President for national security, he "almost resigned" before the G7 summit in France in August last year because of the decision to invite representatives of the Taliban movement to the residence of the American leader in camp David. According to Bolton, "this was the last straw" after "all that had accumulated over the previous 17 months." Bolton also confirmed the authenticity of media reports that Trump did not like his mustache.

The peace agreement between the US and the Taliban was signed on February 29 in the Qatari capital of Doha. This agreement assumes that the US can fully withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May 2021. The US operation in Afghanistan has been going on since October 2001, and it has become the longest foreign military campaign in American history. At its peak in 2010-2013, the number of Western forces in Afghanistan exceeded 150,000 people. The main US and NATO combat forces were withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2014. As of March this year, approximately 17,000 North Atlantic instructors and advisers remained in this Central Asian country.

Trump announced the appointment of Bolton as his national security aide in March 2018 and dismissed him 18 months later.

Bolton's Book

John Bolton believes that he did not disclose in his memoir "the Room where it happened: memoirs of the White House" any secret information that is harmful to the United States.

"I am sure that the book does not contain any information that is important from the point of view of national security, any secret information," he said. - - I did not intend to write about anything that contained classified information; I do not want to do anything that would benefit our opponents around the world. I wrote this book to help inform Americans, and after spending four months checking every page of the book, I am absolutely certain that there is no classified information in it."

Trump announced the appointment of Bolton as his national security aide in March 2018 and dismissed him 18 months later. Bolton's memoirs, which contain very negative assessments of the American leader, were due to be published in March, but their publication was delayed until May. At the end of April, it was announced that the book would be released on June 23. Publisher Simon and Schuster last Friday published a Foreword to the book, according to which, Bolton, in particular, compares the approach of the White House host to foreign policy with real estate transactions, which leads to a weakening of the US position.

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