How to watch the Bank of America ROVAL 400 today without cable?

How to watch the Bank of America ROVAL 400 today without cable? ...

After five races in the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, four drivers have been eliminated, leaving us with a field of 12. There's still one Round of 12 race left before four more drivers are knocked out for the Round Of 8 races in Texas, Kansas, and Martinsville, Virginia. Four drivers will compete for the title at the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona, on Nov. 7th.

Denny Hamlin won two weeks ago and is now at the top of the playoff standings with a guaranteed place in the Round of 8. The final Round of 12 playoff race will take place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, on Sunday. The Bank of America ROVAL 400 is now open. Sunday at 11 a.m. (2 p.m. PT) ET) The broadcast will be live on NBC's 'The Morning Show' . Here's how you can watch the race without cable.

How to watch the NASCAR Playoffs without cable

Races for NASCAR are broadcast on Fox, FS1, NBC, or BNSC. The race will be shown on NBC on Sunday. If you don't have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you may watch the race with tv. Fox, FS1, NBC, and BNSN are all available on each streaming service, which is a good thing for race fans. The problem is that not every service has Fox and NBC in your area, so check each one using the links below to ensure it has them.

You can watch races on Fox and NBC for free on over-the-air broadcast channels simply by connecting an affordable (under $30) indoor antenna to virtually any TV in an area with good reception.

Sling TV is a Sing TV program for Slang TV.

Sling's $35-a-month Blue package includes Fox, FS1 and NBCSN, but only in a few areas.

Read our Sling TV review.

Sling TV is a new series from Sing TV.

YouTube TV is a YouTube television channel that broadcasts content from YouTube.

YouTube TV costs $65 a month and includes Fox, FS1, NBC, and NFSN. To discover which local networks are available in your area, enter your ZIP code on the welcome page.

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See at YouTube TV.

Hulu with Live TV on HULU with HTV with live TV

Hulu with Live TV costs $65 a month and includes Fox, FS1, NBC, and NBSN. Click the "View channels in your area" button on the welcome page to see which local channels are available in a particular ZIP code.

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Live TV on Hulu, see what's on at HULU with Live Television.

FuboTV is a television program produced by FuBo.

FuboTV's Family plan costs $65 a month and includes Fox, FS1, NBC, and NASDAQ. Click here to see which local channels you get.

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FuboTV is a video game developed by FuBo.

DirecTV Stream (previously AT&T TV) is a streaming service for DirEc TV.

DirecTV Stream's basic $70-a-month Entertainment package, which was previously owned by AT&T TV, includes Fox, FS1, NBC, and SN. You may use its channel lookup tool to see which local channels are available where you live.

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Watch DirecTV Stream at

All of the live TV streaming services listed above offer free trials, are cancelable at any time, and require a strong internet connection. Looking for more information? Check out our live-TV streaming services guide.

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