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Scientists Have Developed A Method For Determining The Predisposition To Diabetes In Children

Scientists Have Developed A Method For Determining The Predisposition To Diabetes In Children

Signs of a possible development of type 2 diabetes can be detected in childhood based on the indicators of metabolism method developed by British doctors. The results of their work are published in the latest issue of the American medical journal Diabetes Care.

Scientists from the University of Bristol (UK) studied blood samples from children of various ages taken in the 90s and compared them with their current condition. In total, the study involved about 4,000 children and adolescents who were 8, 16, 18, and 25 years old in the early 90s. None of the study participants had type 2 diabetes or any other chronic diseases. Each blood test was examined for possible changes in the structure of genes that preceded, after decades, the appearance of signs of diabetes.

"We are well aware that diabetes, like angina, does not manifest overnight," said lead author of the study, a geneticist from the University of Bristol Joshua bell. But we do not know at what stage the first markers of this terrible disease appear in the human body." However, samples taken from children of the generation of the 1990s allowed 30 years to study their genetic components of the disease in adulthood, the researcher added.

Forewarned means armed

"Type 2 diabetes is more likely to be detected in adulthood, but our method, based on metabolic indicators, will allow this to be done almost 50 years before the possible manifestation of the disease," says bell.

"We are talking about the impact of susceptibility, not a disease with clinical manifestations at a young age," adds the scientist. "This does not mean that the detected markers indicate the onset of the disease in children, but such people may develop the disease in adulthood."

"The obtained data indicate that we are approaching the discovery of the biological causes of the disease, which is usually attributed to the costs of civilization, and the sooner we determine the markers of the disease, the more effective and productive the treatment will be," bell said. "Our task is to help patients as soon as possible," he is convinced.

About diabetes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 420 million people live with diabetes worldwide. This disease is the seventh most common cause of death.

Diabetes is a chronic disease of the endocrine system that occurs if the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. There are several types of this disease. The first type is insulin-dependent when a person needs to be injected with this hormone for life. This type of disease manifests itself in childhood, it can not be prevented.

In the second type of diabetes-insulin-dependent-the body can not properly use the insulin produced, which is often the result of overweight and lack of physical activity. This type is diagnosed in 90% of patients. According to who, it was previously observed only in adults, but now it is detected in children. According to statistics from the International Diabetes Federation, every second patient does not know about their disease. Effective prevention is a healthy diet, smoking cessation, and regular physical activity.

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