No Time to Die is here! Scrambled Eggs James Bond's Scracked Egg

No Time to Die is here! Scrambled Eggs James Bond's Scracked Egg ...

This clever recipe was included in the US editions of Ian Fleming's nonfiction travel book Thrilling Cities, which include the recipe in disguise. It's a welcome respite from the dreadful world of caviar and Vespers for the Bond fan.

Fleming, who died aged 56 of a heart attack, loved scrambled eggs, so I substitute liquid Just Egg and Miyoko's salted cultured vegan butter for the animal-based original ingredients; I've been making this dish for 30 years and I can assure you that these substitutions only make it better.

Other inside tips include using Himalayan black salt instead of regular table salt to get a sulphur hint that boosts Just Egg's egginess, and making sure you're getting fine herbes, not the more common herbs de Provence. Go low and slow on the heat and cooking time respectively, stirring frequently.

You'll be irritated by the amount of butter required, but it's worth it since it is essential to the dish'' smoky texture and its lovely shine. Miyoko's plant-based butter is the best at achieving both and eliminates the cholesterol.

When it's time to serve, toast delicate bread rather than a slice of toasted bread: this is essentially slicing bread off the table if you had to wrestle through the crust with 'a table knife'.

It's not necessary to serve it in a warm copper dish with resemblance to kanji, but it does bring the experience to an end. As for the low music requested by Fleming, my suggested Spotify playlist is here.

Bon apetit!


Adapted 2021

Per serving:

  • Two-thirds cup Just Egg liquid Two thirds of the cup Two eggs
Buy Just Eggs: Buy Egg-Free. Buy just egg.
  • Miyoko's salted cultured butter is 2-3 ounces in size and flavor.
Miyoko's cultured butter is made with miyo' sown soybeans.
  • Pinch of Himalayan black salt.
Buy Himalayan black salt from Himalayn.
  • 1 teaspoon fine herbes 1 tablespoon fines herbs
Spice Islands Fines Herbes are a range of spices that are available in varying sizes.
  • Fresh ground pepper to taste Fresh almonds and fresh ground black pepper.

Pour the Just Egg liquid into a nonstick 8-inch frying pan with 2 ounces of room temperature butter, drippings from Himalayan black pepper, and sprinkling of Himalanian black salt to taste. Bring the heat to a low simmer, about 235 degrees on the pan surface, and stir constantly with squeezing spatula, moving any egg mixture from the side of the pot back into the center.

Remove the pan from heat and add another ounce of butter until the egg mixture is slightly more moist than you would like it to be eaten. Continue stirring for another minute while adding the fines herbes. Serve over tastier hot buttered toast in a copper dish with pink Taittinger champagne and low music.

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