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More Than Ten Police Officers Were Injured In The Riots In Stuttgart

More Than Ten Police Officers Were Injured In The Riots In Stuttgart

Several hundred people rioted last night in the heart of Stuttgart (Federal state of Baden-w├╝rttemberg), smashed shop windows and attacked police, according to a message distributed on Sunday by law enforcement agencies of the city.

"More than 10 employees were injured," it says. The reason was a police check in the city center in connection with a crime related to the sale of drugs. Young people-visitors to local bars - "solidified" with the alleged offenders and spoke out against the police. Rocks and bottles were thrown at employees, groups of young people armed with sticks walked around the center, smashed shop windows and windows, car glass, including police officers, robbed stores.

The situation at some point got out of control completely. Law enforcement agencies requested reinforcements; more than 200 police officers arrived on the scene, including from other cities in Baden-w├╝rttemberg. A helicopter was circling in the sky. It was only in the early hours of the morning that the raging crowd was quieted.

More than 20 people were detained. In total, about 500 people participated in the riots, according to police estimates.

An investigation is underway. The police identify the instigators of the riots.

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