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The Participants Of The Unrest In Dijon Could Face Up To 10 Years In Prison

The Participants Of The Unrest In Dijon Could Face Up To 10 Years In Prison

French law provides a penalty of up to 10 years for the participants in riots. This information was announced by the city's Prosecutor, Eric Mate, in an interview broadcast on Sunday on the FranceInfo radio station.

"According to the event charges were brought against four of the activists. I will not give details of the charges, but I want to clarify that for such crimes, the French law provides for a penalty of up to 10 years in prison," he said.

"What we witnessed in Dijon was completely unpredictable and atypical," the prosecutor said. "This caused a shock both in France and internationally, but it was the people of Dijon themselves who were first shocked." Mate said that as the prosecutor of the French Republic, "the clashes between communities that occur against the background of racist manifestations are of particular concern to him."

He also said that the conducted searches did not allow to find firearms. A tear gas grenade and iron bars were found, as well as cash - a total of €14,600. According to mate, during the riots, "20 people were injured, some of them seriously."

He pointed out that "the law is equal for all regardless of social or geographical origin or other characteristics of people." "The law will be applied to all offenders put on trial," the prosecutor added. However, he clarified that "issues concerning victims will also be considered based on an equal approach."

Actions of the secret service

At the same time, the radio station reported that the local security service of the Ob Department promptly intercepted calls to hold an action distributed by representatives of the Chechen community on June 11 in social networks on the eve of the events. On June 12, the security service sent a warning on its system about the possible deterioration of the situation. Journalists of the radio station had the opportunity to get acquainted with this document. According to the police, " the call for action was taken with all the necessary seriousness since the bold intention of the Chechen community to protect its representatives is well known."

The notification issued by the local security service was distributed under current practice - sent to the Central Local Security Service in Paris, to the regional office of this service in Dijon and the Prefecture of the Department of Aube. At the same time, FranceInfo notes that the secret service made a mistake in its forecasts about the expected action. She believed that it would take place between June 15 and 19, whereas the events began much earlier - on the night of June 13.

The unrest in Dijon

Clashes between residents, mostly natives of North Africa, and groups of people from Chechnya broke out on June 12 after drug traffickers beat a 16-year-old Chechen in the Gresil district. On the night of June 13, about a hundred people armed with iron bars and knives destroyed a local hookah shop. In response, some residents of the district began patrolling the streets and sending threats to Chechens in social networks. Then, for three days in the evening, the groups engaged in open clashes, during which they destroyed security cameras, set fire to cars and garbage cans.

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