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F Is For Family: Whether There Will Be A Season 5?

F Is For Family: Whether There Will Be A Season 5?

No doubt you have been watching the 4th season premiere of the Netflix longest-running animated sitcom this Friday. But what about F Is for Family Season 5? Whether there will be another installment of Bill Burr's animated masterpiece on Netflix?

Yeah, this season Frank faced the issue he never faced for almost three decades. His father is back, and now Frank has a chance to see himself from another point of view. Besides, Sue is pregnant again, and this fact only adds oil to the flame. Of course, most of us have finished watching the entire fourth round. And the only question is remained, why it was so short. No doubt you'd like to enjoy F Is for Family Season 5, isn't it?

As of today, Netflix is keeping silent on the subject of whether there will be another season or not. No critics' consensus has been revealed as of yet. But still, according to the data published by Rotten Tomatoes, viewers were fully satisfied with their impressions concerning F Is for Family Season 4, according to a score of 4.8 out of 5 and 100% approval rating. An overall score of F Is for Family on IMDb is pretty high, 8.0/10 based on over 25,400 votes.

Will There Be F Is for Family Season 5?

As mentioned above, Netflix has yet to reveal its plans on F Is for Family Season 5. However, there are no signs that global streamer is going to cancel the show. According to viewers' response, F Is for Family must become a long-running animated sitcom on Netflix, given that to date, it's the longest-running show of such a genre among all others on Netflix. Each season of F Is for Family score at least 94-95 approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And looks like Bill Burr managed to find his target audience on Netflix. So our verdict is that F Is for Family Season 5 is just a matter of time. The more doubtful question is when should we expect it.

When Will F Is for Family Season 5 Release Date on Netflix?

Let's imagine that Netflix decided to renew F Is for Family for a fifth season. When might be the premiere in such a case? A sad fact is that if we take a look at the series' schedule, Netflix released every new season with an interval of two years. F Is for Family Season 1 debuted in 2015. A sophomore season kicked off in 2017. We enjoyed Family Season 3 in 2018. Finally, the last season of the animated sitcom was launched this Friday, in 2020.

Given all the data described above, we have every reason to believe that, in case of renewal, F Is for Family would return for Season 5 in 2022. When exactly, we will see. Stay tuned. Once Netflix announces the renewal, we will the respective news.

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