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Halloween decoration of a Michigan woman's dead body leads to 911 calls

Halloween decoration of a Michigan woman's dead body leads to 911 calls

According to USA Today, one Michigan woman is serious about getting her Halloween kicks, and it has prompted 911 calls and visits from police.

LaRethia Haddon, a Detroiter who loves to freak out neighbors and passersby, isn't the only one. According to the newspaper, there are fright lovers like her all over the country, with Halloween decorations ranging from fresh blood to a fake house fire to a decapitated man. She has decorated her lawn with a dummy resembling savages for 25 years and moves it to he new spot each day.

According to the report, these kinds of spooky decorations can make people call 911 if they are concerned. But Detroit Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell told USA Today that calls for decorations or costumes dont necessarily increase during the holiday.

People dont hesitate, they pick up the phone and call 911 if someone needs assistance, Fornell said. We get calls like that every day, and theyre all real incidents. That type of call doesnt bother us at all. Thats a reasonable call. We dont consider that an issue.


In 2021, Shipt estimates that this chocolate treat will be Michigans most popular Halloween candy.

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Michigan is among the most haunted states, according to a new study, and Mackinac Island is the nation's most visited town per capita.

Michigan forest transformed into haunted Halloween nighttime sensory light show.

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