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Cyprus Will Begin To Restore Air Links With Other Countries From June 9

Cyprus Will Begin To Restore Air Links With Other Countries From June 9

Hotels in the Republic of Cyprus will open on June 1, and from June 9, the island will resume flights to other countries. This decision was made on Friday by the Council of Ministers of the island state, said the Minister of transport, communications, and public works Yannis Karousos.

According to him, the Republic of Cyprus will receive tourists from 19 countries at the start of the holiday season. Karusos noted that these countries are divided into two groups based on the recommendations of epidemiologists. "The first group includes Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and Lithuania," the Minister said. The second group, according to him, includes Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.

The head of the Ministry of Transport of Cyprus explained that the reception of foreign tourists will take place in two stages. "The first stage will cover the period from 9 to 19 June. The second one will start on June 20," he said. Tourists from these countries will need to carry a certificate of absence of coronavirus, and the test must be passed no later than 72 hours before departure. In the second stage, such a certificate will only be required from tourists from the second group of countries.

Both lists, Karusos added, will be updated. Depending on the development of the situation abroad, it may include new countries.

Who is in danger of being quarantined

From may 25, Cyprus will also cancel the mandatory 14-day quarantine for all persons arriving on the island from abroad, and in the last two months, these de facto include only Cypriots arriving home on special export flights. Now, during the period of arrival in Cyprus from May 25 to June 8, they will have to pass a test for the presence of infection at the Cyprus airport and then stay in quarantine for as long as it takes to get the test result - usually, it takes one day or a little more.

The situation is more difficult for those who will fly from countries that do not fall into the two groups mentioned above. From citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, legal residents of the island with other citizenship, as well as from those who have a special permit to reside in Cyprus, in this case, you will need a certificate that they are not infected with coronavirus after passing the test no later than three days before departure. If the above-mentioned persons are not able to obtain such a document abroad, they will have to pass the test in Cyprus and remain in quarantine until the result is obtained.

But if passengers who arrived from countries outside of both groups do not have the above status, they will have to pass the test already in Cyprus and stay on the island in self-isolation for two weeks. In this case, all expenses - both for analysis, transportation, and living in isolation - will be paid by the passengers themselves.

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