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The Chinese Foreign Ministry Asked The US Not To Interfere In Hong Kong's Affairs

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Asked The US Not To Interfere In Hong Kong's Affairs

The Chinese authorities strongly oppose US statements about the" oppression " of Hong Kong by the central authorities in Beijing and Washington's intention to resort to sanctions to "protect" this special administrative region. This was stated on Friday by Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

"The relevant issues relate to China's domestic policy, which no country in the world has the right to interfere in," he said at a regular briefing. - The Chinese government is determined to protect the sovereignty and national interests of the people's Republic of China. We are strongly opposed to foreign political forces interfering in Hong Kong's affairs, and we will not change our position."

According to the diplomat, Beijing will never abandon the principle of "one country, two systems," according to which Hong Kong has been an inseparable Chinese territory for several decades. "No country in the world will not tolerate separatism and the actions aimed at undermining national security," said Zhao Lijiang.

On Friday, a new law on national security in Hong Kong was put on the agenda of the 3rd session of the national people's Congress of the 13th convocation in Beijing. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Parliament, Wang Chen, for this purpose, the Chinese authorities will consider the possibility of creating special state bodies in the special administrative region.

Earlier, the leader of the Republican majority of the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that Washington will review US-Chinese relations if Beijing continues to put pressure on this special administrative region.

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