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O'Brien Threatened China With Economic Measures For The National Security Bill In Hong Kong

O'Brien Threatened China With Economic Measures For The National Security Bill In Hong Kong

The US will use economic leverage if China adopts and implements the law on the mechanism for protecting national security in Hong Kong, according to the interview of Robert O'Brien on Fox News.

"If China moves further and takes decisive action against the people of Hong Kong-based on this security mechanism, the United States will respond," he said, noting that Washington will thus follow the example of Britain, France, and other allies.

President Donald Trump's national security aide, responding to a question about specific tools to influence Beijing, considered it appropriate to recall that Hong Kong is granted special access to the US market through several agreements and the customs union. "We will have to study whether it is possible to continue making such concessions. There is another set of tools in case China violates the human rights of the people of Hong Kong, " O'Brien continued, calling the above-mentioned bill an attempt to deprive the population of the special administrative region of the PRC of "the usual way of life."

"I am sure that if they [the Chinese] do this, the US and others will react decisively. We have many ways to demonstrate our displeasure with the Chinese," O'Brien concluded.

Earlier on Thursday, the South China Morning Post newspaper reported, citing sources, that the Central authorities of the people's Republic of China will soon prepare a draft law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong since the authorities of this special administrative region have not been able to develop and adopt a corresponding act for many years. The new law is expected to prohibit any subversive activity directed against the Central government of the people's Republic of China, manifestations of terrorism, separatism, and foreign interference in Hong Kong's Affairs. At the same time, it will be adopted directly by Beijing, without any participation of Hong Kong lawmakers.

In turn, the Xinhua News Agency reported that the resolution on the development of the relevant bill is included in the agenda of the 3rd session of the national people's Congress (the highest legislative body) of the 13th convocation. Lawmakers will consider drafting a "bill to establish and improve the legal system and enforcement mechanism for the protection of national security in the Hong Kong special administrative region." Other details about the Legal Act are not provided.

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