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Facebook Will Limit Its Office Occupancy To 25%

Facebook Will Limit Its Office Occupancy To 25%

Facebook plans to limit office occupancy to 25% from July and requires staff to work multiple shifts, according to Bloomberg, citing sources.

According to Bloomberg, the requirements for employees working in offices will also include temperature checks and mandatory wearing of protective masks in several places permanently, as well as in case of inability to maintain a social distance. It is noted that the company notified employees of its plans in the context of monitoring the situation to return people to their main jobs starting from July 6.

The Agency points out that Facebook also plans to limit the number of employees allowed to gather in meeting rooms, create 6-foot-long (about 1.8 m) workspaces, provide the ability to take takeaway food in cafes, and so on.

It is also noted that the company does not intend to test employees for coronavirus, but this possibility is allowed in the future when tests become more available.

On May 7, Facebook allowed staff to work from home at will throughout the year. It was reported that most of the company's offices will not open until July 6.

Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and three of his fellow students while studying at Harvard University. According to recent estimates, the total monthly audience of the social network Facebook exceeds 2.5 billion users. As previously stated in the company, in the world over 2.89 billion people use at least once a month some of its services. Facebook and Instagram social networks, as well as WhatsApp and Messenger apps, are included in this list.

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