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The Orthodox Church Of Moldova Declared The Danger Of Bill Gates And 5G Technologies

The Orthodox Church Of Moldova Declared The Danger Of Bill Gates And 5G Technologies

The Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova warned the authorities that future vaccination against coronavirus should be voluntary.

In the address, members of the Synod refer to "additional information about the upcoming introduction of chips into the human body through vaccines," and also talk about the danger of the activities of the American billionaire bill gates and the fifth generation of 5G mobile communication technologies for humanity.

"It is necessary to state that vaccination is a danger of microchipping or foreign devices entering the human body. Society in many European countries is protesting against the mandatory use of vaccines, especially the COVID-19 vaccine because it sees them as a way for the global Antichrist system to introduce microchips into people's bodies to control them using 5G technology," the Synod's address emphasizes.

According to the document, "Bill Gates is considered the main person responsible for creating microchipping technology through a vaccine that injects nanoparticles into the body that respond to waves transmitted by 5G technology and allow the system to remotely control people."

Information about gates, which is referred to by the Metropolitan, was previously denied in the international media.

5G networks and technologies are not tested or operated in Moldova. This was reported by the National Agency for Regulation in the Field of Electronic Communications and Information Technologies (ANRCETI), responding to the spread of false information on this issue.

Earlier, the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova threatened Prime Minister ion KIC that it will stop praying for him in churches if traditional services are not allowed in the premises of churches, with all the rituals observed.

During the state of emergency, from March 17 to may 15, services with the participation of parishioners were banned in Moldova. Several priests who violated the ban were fined. From May 16, services are allowed, but only in the open air, subject to social distance and other precautions.

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