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Biden won the primary election in Oregon

Biden won the primary election in Oregon

Former Vice President Joseph Biden, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the upcoming presidential election, won the primary election in Oregon on Tuesday. These estimates were provided by the Oregon Live.

Voting in the state was conducted by mail. Voters were required to send their ballots by 20:00 West coast time (6:00 GMT). The primaries in the state were selected by the delegates at the upcoming democratic national Convention will support one or another candidate for nomination as a candidate for U.S. President from the party. At the end of the primary election, 61 delegates will be allocated in the state.

According to the newspaper's data on processing 64% of ballots, Biden received about 70.7% of the vote. Senator Bernie Sanders, who withdrew from the race on April 8, received 18.3% of the vote. After the end of the Sanders campaign, Biden's rivals, in fact, did not remain, but the names of some of the politicians who participated in the race earlier are still listed on the ballot.

The National Convention of the Democratic Party of the United States, where Biden is expected to be named a candidate for the highest public office in the country, has been postponed due to the new coronavirus pandemic on August 17-20. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). According to the New York Times, Biden has already secured the support of 1,489 delegates to the National Convention. To become a presidential candidate in the first round of voting at the Convention, the candidate must enlist the support of 1,991 delegates.

Incumbent us President Donald Trump, who also won in Oregon, has already received enough votes from delegates to the party Convention for the nomination of the Republican candidate for the presidential election. The Republican Convention will be held on August 24-27 in Charlotte (North Carolina). The 59th us presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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