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Hackers Revealed Part Of The Alleged Compromising Material On Trump

Hackers Revealed Part Of The Alleged Compromising Material On Trump

It's all about 169 messages sent by email. Hackers revealed part of the information that allegedly can prevent US President Donald Trump from being re-elected in November for a second term, according to Forbes.

According to his sources, a group of Internet scammers calling themselves REvil allegedly obtained confidential data by hacking into the database of a new York law firm headed by lawyer Allen Grabman. This firm and Grabman are not associated with the American leader and did not do business with him.

Last week, hackers extorted $21 million for documents compromising artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, the U2 group, and other artists who are clients of the law firm. Then cyber criminals demanded $42 million, threatening to publish dirt on trump.

The firm, the magazine points out, refused to negotiate with the extortionists, guided by the fact that the FBI classifies their actions as an act of international terrorism.

Grabman informed Forbes that he was given links to encrypted files where hackers placed some of the compromising data and access passwords. We are talking about 169 messages sent by email. All of these messages mention trump in one way or another, but contain nothing compromising, the magazine writes.

Trump has already received enough votes from party Convention delegates to be the Republican nominee for the presidential election. The Convention will be held on August 24-27 in Charlotte (North Carolina).

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