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WSJ: US Authorities May Accuse Google Of Violating Antitrust Laws

WSJ: US Authorities May Accuse Google Of Violating Antitrust Laws

The US Department of Justice and the attorneys General of several US states are likely to charge Google with violating antitrust laws in the next few months, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to sources, the US Justice Department may file a lawsuit against Google this summer. The Attorneys General of several States, led by Texas, are expected to do so in the fall. The US Justice Department's claims will relate to Google's advertising business. Representatives of the Department, in particular, believe that the dominant position of the company's search service may provide it with unfair advantages in the market. State Attorneys Generals believe that Google has too much control over online advertising.

As stated in the publication, US justice Secretary William Barr in March in an interview with the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the Agency is conducting checks on Google and may decide in the summer whether to charge her. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told reporters that Google had requested documents. According to him, the investigation will be completed in the fall. The article contains comments from a Google representative. She noted that the company fully cooperates with the authorities.

According to the publication, there is no final clarity as to whether state Attorneys General and the US Justice Department will file lawsuits against Google separately or jointly.

Prosecutors in more than 40 US States launched an antitrust investigation against Google in September 2019. Initially, it was supposed to concern the advertising policy of a company owned by the American Corporation Alphabet, but later it became known that prosecutors also intend to pay attention to the search engines used by Google, and projects related to the Android platform owned by the company.

In July 2019, it became known that the US authorities are preparing to launch a large-scale investigation against Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple to check for possible violations of antitrust laws on their part.

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