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The US House Of Representatives Approved A $3 Trillion Aid Package For The Country's Economy

The US House Of Representatives Approved A $3 Trillion Aid Package For The Country's Economy

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a new $3 trillion package of economic stimulus measures proposed by Democrats by a majority vote on Friday. The session was broadcast on the website of the lower house.

The vote was partly conducted in the remote mode. To do this, congressmen specifically approved a resolution (217 to 189) allowing remote voting, which was an unprecedented case in the history of Congress. Because of the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, masked lawmakers entered the hall in small groups, were then replaced by other colleagues.

The bill is aimed at overcoming the consequences of the spread of coronavirus. According to the document, about $1 trillion is allocated to States and local authorities, and a $200 billion fund is being established for employees in critical areas, including healthcare. In addition, family payments are proposed to increase to $6 thousand. The bill also provides $75 billion for testing for coronavirus, includes funds for unemployment benefits and coverage for educational loans.

Now the document must go to the Senate for consideration. Republicans in the upper house have already said they will not support the new package of measures. The President of the United States Donald Trump also made it clear that the bill has no chance. As stated on May 13, the press Secretary of the head of state Kayleigh Mcenaney, the White House considers the proposal of the Democrats an attempt to advance their political interests. According to Mcenaney, the bill is not serious and provides for expenses not related to the fight against coronavirus.

Trump signed a bill on April 24 on another package of measures worth almost $ 500 billion, aimed at overcoming the consequences of the new coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, Congress approved the allocation of $350 billion for this purpose, but by mid-April, the funds were exhausted. The previous package of economic stimulus measures in the amount of more than $2 trillion was adopted at the end of March. Before that, lawmakers allocated $8.3 billion to Federal authorities to contain the pandemic.

Previously, the US administration intended to include funds for infrastructure development in the new aid package.

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