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Roscosmos Invited NASA Management To Russia To Discuss Projects

Roscosmos Invited NASA Management To Russia To Discuss Projects

Roscosmos has invited the leadership of the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to discuss a wide range of projects and is waiting for a positive response, according to the message published on the official Roscosmos website with reference to the Deputy Director-General of the state Corporation for international cooperation Sergey Savelyev.

"We have officially called NASA management to us, but we have not received a response. I hope that it will still be followed and will be followed positively," Savelyev said. He also recalled that the American side had previously invited the Roscosmos delegation to the United States, but "in the end, the invitation of the head of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, was withdrawn due to pressure from senators."

The Deputy Director-General noted that in recent years, the direct communication channels between Roscosmos and NASA have "noticeably depleted. Instead of discussing dozens of projects of mutual interest, everything comes down to either delivering astronauts to the International space station as part of a manned program, or delivering Russian RD-180/181 engines to the United States," Savelyev said.

Earlier it was reported that in February 2019, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, who is under us sanctions, was scheduled to visit the United States. However, in January of the same year, Roscosmos received an official letter from NASA, signed by the head of the Department, Jim Bridenstine, about the withdrawal of this invitation. In an interview with the Washington Post, the Director of NASA said that he decided because of the position of us senators.

Joint participation in projects related to the development of the moon could become a serious factor for expanding cooperation between Russia and the United States, Savelyev said.

"Ambitious projects related to the development of the moon could become a serious factor for the interaction of the two countries in difficult times," he said.

Earlier, acting Deputy Director of NASA for international relations Michael gold called incorrect reports that the United States does not want Russia to participate in the proposed agreement on the development of the moon by Washington. According to him, Russia's participation in the creation of the Gateway lunar station together with the United States may be the first step towards concluding a Treaty between Moscow and Washington within the framework of the "Artemis Accords" proposed by the American side for the development of the moon.

On Friday, NASA presented the basic principles on which the proposed international agreement on the development of the moon will be based. The "Artemis agreements," named after the American lunar program Artemis, will be a series of bilateral agreements between the United States and partner countries. It is emphasized that the principles of the 1967 outer space Treaty will be largely taken as the basis. Among the listed principles, NASA named provisions on the extraction of resources on the moon and the idea of creating so-called security zones that should prevent "malicious interference."

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