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Avatar Sequels' Budget And Release Dates Revealed

Avatar Sequels' Budget And Release Dates Revealed

The total budget of films that will serve a sequel of the science-fiction blockbuster Avatar by James Cameron is one billion dollars, according to The Independent.

Earlier, the Director said that he plans to release several more pictures about the planet Pandora and its inhabitants. The second part should be released in December 2021, and the third — in 2023. If the sequels are successful, the fourth and fifth parts will appear in theaters in 2024 and 2027.

After the new Zealand authorities allowed the resumption of film production in the country (work on many projects stopped in March due to the global coronavirus pandemic), the shooting of Avatar should continue in the near future.

According to the Daily Mail, James Cameron does not yet know exactly when he will fly to New Zealand but hopes that the release dates of the films will not move because of this break.

Now the Director, along with artists who work at home, is engaged in computer graphics, while in California.

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