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Thailand May Introduce An Entry Tax For Tourists After The End Of The Pandemic

Thailand May Introduce An Entry Tax For Tourists After The End Of The Pandemic

All foreign tourists arriving in Thailand can be charged up to 300 baht after the end of the pandemic, the Bangkok Post reported on Tuesday.

"After the resumption of international flights in Thailand, an entry tax of up to 300 baht may be introduced for all foreign tourists arriving in the country. The tax will be included in the cost of air tickets and will be part of travelers' insurance in case of a pandemic," the newspaper writes.

At the moment, it is not defined how the tax will be levied on tourists arriving by land or sea.

"The issue of introducing such a fee was initiated by the Ministry of tourism and sports of the country last year but was postponed due to the pandemic. The collection is planned to be sent to the tourist Fund, which supports the welfare of the industry and ensures the safety of tourists," the publication notes.

At the moment, the tax amount has not been finalized yet and may be reduced to 100-200 baht. If the fee is approved, it will be announced before the fourth quarter so that travelers can prepare in advance.

"After the beginning of the pandemic, Thailand lowered the forecast for foreign tourist traffic in 2020 to 16 million arrivals. However, this goal may also be unattainable. Before October-December, the country is not expected to restore international tourism," concludes the Bangkok Post.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of Thailand, in 2019, the country was visited by 39 million foreign tourists.

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