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Roscosmos: Signals From Extraterrestrial Civilizations Can Already Reach Earth Today

Roscosmos: Signals From Extraterrestrial Civilizations Can Already Reach Earth Today

Signals from extraterrestrial civilizations may already be coming to Earth: there is a possibility that humanity simply does not understand their principle. This opinion was expressed in an interview with TASS by Roscosmos Executive Director for advanced programs and science Alexander Bloshenko.

According to him, it is impossible to be sure that the universe is definitely "silent," although artificial signals from the Universe are not registered today. "Some signals based on non-classical principles that we do not understand today may be passing through the Earth," Bloshenko said.

The Executive Director of Roscosmos added that the discovery of planets in other star systems in the "habitable zone" indirectly indicates the presence of places in the Universe that are favorable for the emergence of life. "Currently, there are about 4,000 exoplanets [planets in other stars] that are known to exist. However, in the visible part of the Universe alone, there are more than two trillion galaxies, each of which may contain trillions of planets. And the probability that some of them have a life like ours is quite high," he said.

Bloshenko also said that when studying carbon-containing meteorites in their composition, they detect substances that are products of life in earth conditions. In particular, these are "organized elements" - microscopic, 5-50 microns in size, "single-celled" formations, often with pronounced double walls, pores, spines, and so on. It has not been clearly proved that these fossils belong to the remains of any forms of extraterrestrial life.

Bloshenko clarified that to date, scientists do not have information about extraterrestrial highly organized life.

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