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Disneyland Paris Invited Everyone To Star In The New Video

Disneyland Paris Invited Everyone To Star In The New Video

The new video for the song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from the cartoon "The Lion King," announced by Disneyland Paris, will star dozens of people. Anyone can apply to participate in it. The corresponding action was announced by the press service of the amusement Park.

"Sing along with our artists for our next video! - said in a message posted on Twitter. - Upload your videos with the hashtag #DisneylandParisAtHome by may 10, and you may be selected!"

The main participants of the video will be the artists of the Paris show "The Lion King and The Rhythms of The Earth," which was shown in an amusement Park before the introduction of self-isolation in France. Each of the artists recorded a video from home, where he sings a song from the cartoon. They offer to do the same for everyone, according to the Disneyland website.

"You can also participate in extras, dance, even recreate a famous moment [from a cartoon]," say representatives of the amusement Park. They accompany their message with a short video for an example of what they expect from the participants, as well as a link to the English and French versions of the famous Elton John song. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter users can post the video, as well as in the comments section of the ad on Disneyland's Facebook page.

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