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The US Temporarily Lifted Duties On Almost 150 Goods From China

The US Temporarily Lifted Duties On Almost 150 Goods From China

The office of the US representative for trade negotiations temporarily excluded 146 items from the list of Chinese products subject to customs duties, which was introduced in September 2018. This follows from an official notification posted on Thursday in the electronic database of the US Federal Register, a collection of official documents of the US government.

The document notes that in making this decision, the US authorities "decided to satisfy several requests" from American companies to exclude goods from the list, which includes Chinese products worth $200 billion, and took into account many factors, in particular, some of these goods were available for purchase only from Chinese manufacturers.

Exceptions will be valid until August 7 of this year. Among the items excluded from the list were, in particular, some food products, granite sinks, car rear-view mirrors, and high chairs. Previously, the US authorities have already excluded some names from this list.

On February 14, the first phase of the agreement between the US and China on the settlement of trade disputes came into force, in which the parties lower duties on each other's products. As previously stated by US President Donald Trump, Washington will not cancel duties on imports of Chinese-made goods until the parties reach the second stage of the deal.

The signing ceremony for the first phase of the deal took place on January 15 in Washington. The document was signed by Trump and Vice Premier of the State Council of China Liu He. China, in particular, agreed to increase purchases of American products by $76.7 billion during the first year and $123.3 billion during the second year of the agreement. We are talking not only about agricultural products but also about other American goods.

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