Our future, our decisions: young activists call for place at climate table

Our future, our decisions: young activists call for place at climate table ...

MILAN, September 30, Young activists attending this week's climate talks in Milan are asking for a seat at the table at an upcoming U.N. COP26 summit in Glasgow to have recept on how decisions shaping their future are made.

Thousands of young campaigners gathered on Milan this week to hear their voices heard and put an end to what she described as "30 years of blah bh, a plethora of new campaign leaders" in the nearly three decades of climate talks.

"What we really want is that we're part of the decision-making process to be able to write the papers, to have our thoughts channelled there," Eduarda Zoghbi, 28, a Brazilian delegate, told Reuters.

On Wednesday, they presented a slate of proposals for inclusion in the COP26 agenda that will be reviewed by climate and energy ministers over the next days. read more

"Our opinions must be shared... we are the future generations," Hoor Ahli, 16, from the United Arab Emirates, stated.

Their concern is that many promises have been made, but nothing has been done to address global warming. Those fears were exacerbated by a US report in August that stated that the situation was dangerously close to spiralling out of control. read more

The Glasgow conference aims to get more ambitious climate action from the nearly 200 countries that signed the 2015 Paris Agreement and agreed to try to limit human-caused global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius at the conference.

"My message to world leaders is that they include youth," Zoghbi stated, adding that each delegate highlighted the specific challenges faced by nations as a result of climate change.

Jeremy Raguain, 27, from the Seychelles, who called for more funding for smaller states, and Achana Soreng, 25, a member of the Kharia tribe in Eastern India, which voted for additional rights for indigenous communities, were among them at the meeting.

"We need those opinions reflected in the main texts and leaders to listen to us," Zoghbi stated.

Agnieszka Flak wrote poetry. Raissa Kasolowsky's Editing

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