The former Mayor of London, who is linked to slavery, should remain - report

The former Mayor of London, who is linked to slavery, should remain - report ...

A statue of 18th century slave-owning former Lord Mayor William Beckford should remain at the City of London's Guildhall headquarters, a report has suggested, six months after deciding to reopen it.

According to the statement, Beckford's links to slavery were accompanied by a plaque on the statue'S website on Thursday.

Following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year, The City looked at its historical links to slavery and Black Lives Matter protests.

In January, representatives for the City of London municipal authority for "Square Mile" financial district approved to remove statues of Beckford, who had plantations with African slaves in Jamaica, and of former businessman John Cass, whom was also involved in the slave trade, for removing statue of the city of Westminster municipal authorities. read more about Beckman's plantation with african slave plants in Jamaica, as well as the statue on the "Queen Mile," financial districts.

However, they established a working group in March to examine all options. read more

The working group has recommended that both statues be retained "with explanatory plaques or notices being placed alongside them in order to provide contextual information."

It recommended introducing bursaries for local Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAM) people to become City guides and supporting a "Black Pound Day."

On Oct. 7, the committee will examine the report.

According to the report, "low levels of demand" for removing the statutes was detected by consultations.

"The City Corporation is unintended for equality, inclusivity, and diversity, as well as tackling slavery and racism in all its forms," the report stated.

Any alterations require planning permission from The Guildhall, which is a listed building, to be restored.

The government, which has the option of veto planning applications, has told the City that it is opposing removing contested statutes, calling for them to be kept and disclosed to the public.

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