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Taika Waititi To Film A Star Wars Sequel

Taika Waititi To Film A Star Wars Sequel

New Zealand film director Taika Waititi will shoot the sequel to the movie Star Wars, reports the Associated Press with reference to the announcement of the Studio Walt Disney Co.

Waititi, who shot the final episode of the first season of the series "Mandalorian" for the online service Disney+, will direct and co-write the script for the new feature film "Star wars". It will be co-written by Scottish screenwriter Christy Wilson-Kearns, who was involved in writing the script for the war drama "1917" by Sam Mendes.

"The Mandalorian," for which a third season is reportedly already in the works, has also opened up other series options for "Star Wars."

The name of the future film, as well as the release date of the picture in the rental, is not yet known.

Taika Waititi won the 2020 Academy award for the best-adapted screenplay with the film Jojo Rabbit (2019).

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