EXCLUSIVE U.S. official in charge of policing corporate crime departs Justice Dept

EXCLUSIVE U.S. official in charge of policing corporate crime departs Justice Dept ...

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NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, September 29, Long-time U.S. Department of Justice official Daniel Kahn, who oversaw high-profile bribery cases against French energy firm Alstom SA and Brazilian construction conglomerate Odebrecht SA, is leaving government for the private sector, according to a source.

Kahn will join white-shoe defense firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, according to the source, who was familiar with the move.

Kahn and spokespersons for the Justice Department and Davis Polk were not immediately responding to requests for comment.

Kenneth Polite was announced in July by the US Senate to lead the Justice Department's criminal division, but Politi has yet to make permanent decisions to run the division'' s fraud section, which is responsible for the agency't being criminalized against corporations and their executives.

Last year, the fraud section secured $2.9 billion in U.S. criminal penalties and payments, and it settled several high-profile cases, including a market manipulation probe against JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) and foreign bribery charges against Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.n) for its involvement in Malaysia's 1MDB corruption scandal. As part of the settlements, the businesses admitted committing crime.

Kahn led the criminal division's fraud and appellate sections as acting deputy assistant assistant attorney general in the penal division. Before that, he worked in the fraud section in various roles, including three years managing the team that handles foreign bribery cases. In 2010, he left Davis Polk for the Justice Department in 2010, after working six years at Davis.

The cases against Alstom (ALSO.PA) in 2014 and Odebrecht in 2016 both resulted in corporate guilty pleas and record penalties at the time.

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