Members "wholeheartedly" urges artists to approve the IATSE Strike Authorization Act

Members "wholeheartedly" urges artists to approve the IATSE Strike Authorization Act ...

The Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800, is wholeheartedly calling its members to authorize a strike against film and television production firms across the country. The leadership of all three IATSE locals with national jurisdiction, the Art Directors Guild, International Cinematographers Guild and the Editors Association, have now gone on record recommending that their members approve a strike in voting on Friday.

Members of the Editors Guild are encouraged to Overwhelmingly approve the IATSE Strike Authorization (overwintering)

A resolution approved by the Art Directors Guild's board of directors states:

Considering that the International Bargaining Committee of the IATSE has requested that its members vote to approve a strike, the international bargaining committee also requested, and the ICRS' membership has demanded that they vote.

Despite the fact that the AMPTP has refused to consider our proposals for a living wage, dependable repos, and sustainable benefits; and Despite this, the successful signing of such a contract will greatly benefit our membership, our future membership and guarantee dignity at the conclusion of all of our careers; and Despite the fact that solidarity among the thirteen Hollywood Locals is vital to maintain, in order to achieve our goals through a collectively negotiated agreement that supports the basic needs and rights of our members as human beings, and the premise of solidarity between the three Hollywood Loks must be maintained, ensuring that we achieve the objectives of each other's members' rights as humans; Similarly, we recognize that a strike albeit serious and tragic should be the last weapon in our arsenal to be used to obtain requiem monetary compensation; Therefore, it's decided that we, the Board of Directors of Art Directors Guild IATSE Local 800, support a Yes vote on the authorization of s strike, which will be used as required by the President and the General Executive Board in the 2021 Basic Agreement negotiations with the AMPTP, and invite our members to vote in support of such authorization.

Local 800 president Nelson Coates; vice president Jim Wallis; treasurer Rick Nichol; secretary Judy Cosgrove, and all 12 members of the board and the four of its trustees are the signers of this resolution.

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