Kalamazoo's Xavier made it to the Big Brother finale, where he could become its first Black winner

Kalamazoo's Xavier made it to the Big Brother finale, where he could become its first Black winner ...

Finally, there were three. Xavier Prather, a Kalamazoo native, has spelled to become the first Black houseguest to win Big Brother in the history of the show Tonight. The finale now runs on CBS at 9 p.m. ET, and it's now on its 23rd season. ET.

UPDATE: Who won Big Brother 23s $750K for its first Black winner ever: Michigan's Xavier or Pennsylvania'' Derek, who won the first black winner of all time: a Michigan xavator or he'd won 'Big Brothers' 23' s $750,000 ($750k)

Prather is competing against Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier for the record $750,000 prize money against the other remaining houseguests, Azash Awarum, and the rest of the housegoers. This is the first season in which the winner will receive a lot of money. $75,000. In second place, the average home earns $75. Prather has already won part 1 of the part 3 Head of Household competition, bringing him to the third and final round.

Prather joined 15 other houseguests on July 7 in the Big Brother house. Prather's goal was to lie to his fellow houseguests about his occupation, a lawyer who now lives in Milwaukee.

I knew that people may want to target me because I have an athletic build, and generally people who are viewed as physical dangers go home first, Prather stated in the Diary Room on the program. I concealed my identity as a former college athlete, but also as an attorney from the houseguests, not only as my former high school athlete but as well as as his attorney. I believe I wouldn't have made it this far if I didn'' t conceal my identity.

Prather was perhaps the greatest alliance in Big Brother history, The Cookout. Tiffany Mitchell was the mastermind behind the six-person alliance. The Detroit native was able to acquire all six Black houseguests in the alliance and each made sure to have a close alley inside of the agreement.

The goal was to select one member of The Cookout along with their alley, and the alliance would have the numbers to vote the alleid out. The goal was that two Black houseguests would reach the final two, and the first Black homeguester would be winner of Big Brother. This will not only happen, but all six members of the alliance have gone to the final six.

The most important alliance I ever got was The Cookout, Prather said in the Diary Room on the program. As a black man in America, my mission of The Cookout was crucial because representation matters. Our goal was to ensure that Big Brother will be named its first African American winner.

The alliance had its ups and downs, but it remained together in the end through a little and tiny measure. Prather claims he believes a big part of that was influenced by it.

I would say that I was the glue that kept the Cookout together. I was able to assist the group stay strong, collaborate, and concentrate on the mission at hand.

We're throwing competitions, according to Prather, was a major element of his game play.

When it came to competing, I was very strategic. Throwing competitions early in the game was essential in maintaining a low threat level. However, I also wanted to win a Head of Household competition early on, establishing with the rest of the houseguests that this is someone you can trust when they're in power. So I won my first HOH competition in week 3 so I had a week of winning the HOh competition.

Prather was nominated for eviction several times throughout the season, and he was able to take himself off the road twice by winning the Power of Veto.

Prather, who had a final 2 deal with Derek since day one, secured another final 2-deal with Kyland Young once it reached the final six. When it was down to the final 5, Young ended up using his Power of Veto on Prather to rescue him when it went down until the last 5.

When it came down to the final 4, Prather then won both the Head of Household and Power of Veto as well as the head of household as Power Of Vet. He then helped convince Derek to vote out Kyland, which was Prather's most serious threat in the house. Kyland was unrepentant.

Prather claims he is playing this game for his nephew whose father died just before coming to the Big Brother house.

My brother left behind a son and I promised my brother when he was still alive that his son would want for nothing if I had anything to do in the future. Permission isn't an option at this point of the game.

On July 7, the game Big Brother 23 began with 16 houseguests. Two other contestants had connections to Michigan. Tiffany is a Detroit Phlebotomist, as we stated above. She finished sixth this season, finishing sixth. Claire Rehfuss is from Ohio and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Data Science Engineering degree. She finished eighth.

Two other Michigan-based contestants have won the prize Big Brother. Dan Gheesling, Dearborn's Dan, won Big Brother 10 and finished second on big Brother 14. Nicole Franzel, from Ubly in the Thumb area, won the grand prize for season 18 from the Ubitan region.


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