Who fought Big Brother 23 for $750k and is its first Black winner ever: Michigan's Xavier or Pennsylvania'' Derek: Who won Big Brothers 23' a $900k prize and was the first ever Black winners: Detroit'S xafour or Delaware'

Who fought Big Brother 23 for $750k and is its first Black winner ever: Michigan's Xavier or Pennsyl ...

Big Brother has just had two firsts: the first Black houseguest in the shows 23 seasons has recently won the game, and the winner has received the most prize ever of $750,000. In the finale starring Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Derek Frazier on CBS on September 29, 2021, everything came down to a lot of xavanna Prathe, zawah, or jiva Frazer.

Xavier, who is from Kalamazoo, Michigan, but now lives in Milwaukee and is a lawyer, won the final part 3 Head of Household competition. Azah beat Derek in part 2 in the second half, while Xavier beat Azat in third. That meant Xavier would select who he would sit against in the final two, where the nine member jury would decide the winner. He chose Derek as his choice.

Xavier and Derek then presented their cases to the jury members of their houseguests who were expelled.

Derek told the jury that he deserves the $750k because I put in the work. I gave it my all, no matter how many times I fell, regardless of how frequently I walked. I put myself before everyone else and even made myself a pawn. Did I have to lie and manipulate in order to get here? Yes, but I was always able to safeguard this guy near me, and I did that.

The most important factor I believe you should consider since we are crowning the first Black winner of Big Brother is not just who played a fantastic game, but someone who didn't make things personal as they played the game, Xavier added. I believe I did not only play a fantastic game, but I never belittled anybody on octane as I played it. I did lie, I didn't deceive, and I manipulated, but this is Big Brother.


To win, the winner needed five of the nine votes. Julie Chen, the host, only needed to reveal the first five votes, all for Xavier, who is the winner of the $750,000 grand prize. He subsequently received all nine votes. Congrats to the Kalamazoo, Michigan native!

Derek wins $75,000 for second place, while Detroit's Tiffany took home $50,000 for receiving America'' most votes for being Americas favorite houseguest.

On July 7, Big Brother 23 began with 16 houseguests. Two other contestants had Michigan connections. Tiffany is a Phlebotomist from the Motor City. She finished sixth this season and was the mastermind behind The Cookout, perhaps the greatest alliance in BB history, when all six members reached the final six.

Claire Rehfuss is a native of Ohio who graduated from the University of Michigan with responsibilities in data science engineering. She finished on the eighth.

Big Brother has been won by two other Michigan contestants. Dan Gheesling, Dearborn's Dan, won Big Brother 10 and finished second on big Brother 14. Nicole Franzel, from Ubly in the Thumb area, won the grand prize for season 18 for her work.


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