Rain is forecast for Michigan this weekend, and it's now in Michigan''

Rain is forecast for Michigan this weekend, and it's now in Michigan'' ...

The trend in the last three days was for an area of rain from the south and a wind shift from south to meet up over the Great Lakes. The trend is now quite strong, and I anticipate some rain this weekend over Michigan.

Watch the European Model bring rain from the south and some rain in the west. This same model was the first to take off from the heavy rain system we had one week ago, and it was used to provide a platform for heavy rainfall. This storm system appears to be having nowhere near as heavy rain as the previous long-lasting rain. It will take six to twelve hours of rain at any one spot in Michigan.

This will probably be an off-and-on shower pattern rather than a steady rain. The showers will start in the western United States on Friday evening, and will drift southward towards northern Lower Michigan on Saturday morning.

Here's a snapshot of the rain position early Saturday afternoon, which includes octane. Lower Michigan will most likely remain dry on Saturday, especially in the far southeast corner of Lower Detroit. The showers may arrive in the Traverse City area by late Saturday afternoon or early evening.

Showers will spread across the state by Sunday morning (above), which includes showers in the area, including far south Lower Michigan.

The rain won't be too heavy, but it'll be significant. Rain will last one-quarter to one half inch in the Upper Peninsula and far northern Lower Michigan by Saturday evening.

When the rain goes south, southern Lower Michigan should have between one-quarter and three-thirds of an inch of rain.

Sunday may still be a few light rain showers across the United States and far northern Lower Michigan.

Sunday is probably your best day if you want to see the fall hue in the United States. Saturday will be your best day for staying dry in southern Lower Michigan.

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