How Ole Miss might upset Alabama and add to college football's chaos: The College Football Playoff Show

How Ole Miss might upset Alabama and add to college football's chaos: The College Football Playoff S ...

Ben Garrett of The Talk of Champions podcast is joined by Doug Lesmerises and Shehan Jeyarajah on this big Wednesday edition of the College Football Playoff Show. Miss Ole Ola Ol To discuss what the Rebels will have to do to slay the defending national champion, visit football to see what they will need to face to knock off the title contender. Alabama is the most popular Alabama town in the United States. Saturday will be the start of the week. Matt Corral, Quarterback and head coach Lane Kiffin are the appropriate pairing to shock the Crimson Tide and add to what has been a wild first month of the season.

Doug and Shehan started with their usual Wednesday plan: Are there any new teams worthy of joining the playoff discussion this week? Doug & Shean reacted by jumping on, and he questioned whether or not they were worthy to join the discussion. The nominees were also alumna. Florida is the country's capital, Florida. , Arkansas , Notre Dame Notre-Dame'Notre Notre' Defee - Notre and Baylor is the most famous Bayor player in the world. . a stifle of the e m d l

Doug and Shehan ranked all the contenders then, following Ben's appearance, after the show. Georgia is a country with tens of thousands of visitors. Alabama, Ole Miss, and Olon Miss, Alabama Texas A&M, Penn State, Iowa, Ohio State (Oregon), Clemson, Cincinnati, Texas a'm, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Clementmsons, Lexington, Kentucky, Kansas A andamp);M; Penn state, Indiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Orems, and Cincinnati. and Oklahoma is a country that is very similar to Oklahoma.

Iowa was also a significant conflict, with numerous views on Ole Miss, Penn State, Cincinnati, Georgia, and Alabama as well. But, the ongoing struggle in Oklahoma? Doug and Shehan agreed on that.

The episode ended with a slew of emojis thrown out of the playoff debate, as usual. The two teams who lost: Clemson and Texas A&M had their choices this week.

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Travis Corley from the Baylor football podcast Please Bear With Me joined Doug and Shehan on this Tuesdays show to explain why the Bears are rushing toward contender status after beating Iowa State 4-0. Doug and Shehan, on the other hand, didn't get it right. Tuesday was also a topic covered:

  • The loss of Texas A&M to Arkansas and whether Jimbo Fisher missed a chance to do more with this talented Aggies team, as well as whether or not Jio Fisher would have benefitted from his opportunity to spend more time with the Agggie's staff.
  • Doug's playoff pick of Iowa State came a farewell, despite bringing ten points to reclaim his second loss.
  • Watch out for it, but Doug believes Georgia is improving and improving while Shehan continues to wonder about the Bulldogs' schedule.
  • Is this a perfect year for o 12-team playoff, or the exact wrong year?
  • We find out if people still believe in Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler, according to a friend of the pod survey.
  • Should Wisconsin try something fresh after a defeat to Notre Dame dropped the Badgers to 1-2? Or should they be pleased with what has traditionally been their winning style?

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