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Scientists Have Discovered A Mysterious Dead Star

Scientists Have Discovered A Mysterious Dead Star

Astronomers have discovered an unusual neutron dead star, Swift J1818. 0-1607, which may be the "missing link" between magnets and pulsars, according to Science Alert.

This space object was detected by the Burst Alert telescope at the Swift Observatory. Initially, scientists considered Swift J1818. 0-1607 a Magnetar-a star with a very large magnetic field. It was later discovered that it emits pulsed radio emission, which also defines it as a radio pulsar.

It turned out that the found source of radiation is the fastest rotating pulsar of all detected and probably the youngest.

Scientists know of four other radio magnets, but Swift J1818. 0-1607 has a feature that none of them have. When switching from low to high frequencies, astronomers found a sharp drop in the brightness of radio emission. At the same time, other radio recorders have almost constant brightness over the entire radio frequency spectrum.

According to astronomers, this discovery can prove that pulsars can evolve into magnets, and that collapsing stars have a magnetic field similar to it.

The researchers emphasize that additional study of Swift J1818.0-1607 is necessary for final conclusions.

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