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Britain And The US Will Start Trade Talks Via Video Link On May 5

Britain And The US Will Start Trade Talks Via Video Link On May 5

The United Kingdom and the United States will begin negotiations in the format of a video conference on the conclusion of a free trade agreement on Tuesday, May 5, according to report by Reuters that referred to the official representative of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"Both sides have expressed their desire to make progress as soon as possible, so we look forward to two weeks of constructive talks," the agency quoted him as saying. Johnson's representative, commenting on future negotiations, added that London "wants to conclude a large-scale free trade agreement with the largest trading partner outside the European Union."

On April 10, the Daily Telegraph reported that Washington and London had indefinitely postponed negotiations on a free trade agreement due to the coronavirus situation. According to the publication, the parties considered the possibility of holding trade negotiations in the format of videoconferences, but, according to some participants in the negotiation process, such a dialogue could become less effective.

Trade talks with the US begin after the UK left the EU on the night of February 1 after 47 years in the community. This situation opened up opportunities to make trade deals around the world. In 2018, British exports to the US reached £123.5 billion ($160 billion), while American imports to the UK reached £78 billion ($101 billion).

The British government has promised to publish its strategies for trade negotiations with Australia, Japan, and New Zealand, and by 2022 to achieve that 80% of foreign trade will be carried out on a duty-free basis.

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