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Pompeo Declared That He Has Evidence Of The Spread Of Coronavirus From A Laboratory In Wuhan

Pompeo Declared That He Has Evidence Of The Spread Of Coronavirus From A Laboratory In Wuhan

The US administration has evidence that the new coronavirus allegedly began to spread from a laboratory in Wuhan. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made this statement on Sunday on ABC.

When asked whether he had seen any evidence in favor of this version, the head of the US Foreign Ministry replied: "There is strong evidence that it started there. We said from the very beginning that this is a virus that appeared in Chinese Wuhan."

"China has previously infected the world, and they have previously had laboratories that do not meet the standards. This is not the first time that the world has been exposed to a virus that appeared due to errors in a Chinese laboratory," Pompeo claimed. "The intelligence community is still working. It should continue to do this and carry out checks so that we can be sure. I can state that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from a laboratory in Wuhan," he added.

When asked whether, in his opinion, the virus was created artificially, Pompeo replied: "Apparently, the best experts still believe that it was created by man. I have no reason not to believe it at this stage." He did not explain which experts he was referring to. The Secretary of state ignored the words of an ABC journalist that earlier information was received according to which the US intelligence community does not believe that the virus was created artificially.

The US Secretary of State also once again claimed that the Chinese authorities tried to hide some information about the spread of the coronavirus.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an interview with NBC on April 29 that any compensation claims made to Beijing in connection with the coronavirus are ridiculous and represent a "political farce." The diplomat also expressed regret that " some politicians use the situation with the virus to defraud China." At the same time, he again stressed that Beijing "did not hide any information" about the coronavirus.

In April, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijun also said that the version of artificial creation of the coronavirus is not supported by any evidence. So he commented on the publication of the American TV channel Fox News that the first person infected with the coronavirus was a laboratory employee in Wuhan.

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