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Nasa Revealed Newly Processed Images Of The Moon Of Jupiter With Incredible Detail

Nasa Revealed Newly Processed Images Of The Moon Of Jupiter With Incredible Detail

It's good to have archives. New methods of image processing plus, perhaps, AI algorithms-and the output is an incredible image in detail, from the positions of modern smartphone models, taken hardly "on a potato." Recently, fans of space landscapes were pleased with NASA. The Agency posted incredibly detailed images of the sixth moon of Jupiter, Europa, extracted from the archives of the late 90s of the last century and processed in a new way.

Six years ago, NASA was already posting newly processed images of the surface of Europa. The photos were obtained by the Galileo spacecraft back in the 90s. These images have appeared in our news and on other sites more than once. But compare the image above ― these are newly processed images of "Galileo" (they became available to the public recently) and the previous image (below). The difference in detail is enormous.

The original photos of Europa's surface were taken by the Galileo spacecraft using near-infrared, purple, and green filters. Then the images were superimposed on each other and processed. "White spots" were painted by the artist or the program, where without it? But in general, this does not negate the fact that we can get to know the terrain of Europe more closely. This will definitely come in handy in future Europa Clipper missions to search for signs of life on this moon of Jupiter.

Europa appears to be one of the most promising objects in the Solar system for searching for extraterrestrial life. Water vapor emissions were observed on the surface of the satellite. It is assumed that a relatively warm ocean is lapping under a multi-kilometer shell of ice. And where there is water, there can be life, even in the form of microorganisms. In 3-5 years, a spacecraft will be sent to Europe to study this celestial body. New detailed images of the satellite's surface can help in planning future missions. Finally, it's just beautiful.

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