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A Mysterious Flash Of Radiation Is Recorded In The Milky Way For The First Time

A Mysterious Flash Of Radiation Is Recorded In The Milky Way For The First Time

Astronomers first recorded a burst of radio waves in the milky Way galaxy, accompanied by a flash of x-ray radiation. This was reported to the science Alert portal by astronomer Srinivas Kulkarni from the California Institute of technology.

This phenomenon occurred on April 28, 2020. Scientists captured it using the Canadian radio telescope project CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment). Researchers suggest that the source of the radio burst was the SGR 1935+2154 Magnetar.

Magnetars belong to neutron stars, but they differ from them in the strength of the magnetic field, sometimes exceeding them by this parameter by a thousand times. The recorded signal can answer the question about the origin of single Fast Radio Bursts (FRB). This is an extremely strong radio signal from deep space from galaxies that may be located millions of light-years away from our own.

Such bursts can produce energy 500 million times greater than the Sun. At the same time, such flashes last less than a millisecond and usually do not occur again, which makes it difficult for scientists to predict their occurrence, track them, and study them in detail.

All previously detected flares were from other galaxies. The latter was accompanied by a burst of x-ray radiation, the presence of which can confirm the connection of FRB with the activity of magnets. At the same time, the researchers emphasize that it is premature to draw such conclusions.

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